An Astonishing invention! Utopia

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer network, With Utopia, you can send and receive messages and calls instantly, besides, you can share files and documents, make gathering visits and channels, send messages and can have a private conversation as well.

As of now, Utopia is an application for Windows, iOS and Linux which offers every one of the highlights inside one application. Utopia itself teaches you a lot about the way that how they can ease your life and also guides you the proper procedure of how it works.

Utopia clients get on their 'Utopia ecosystem' as the application additionally gives a built-in Idyll browser to see sites inside Utopia peer-to-peer network.

Utopia accompanies a Cryptocurrency which is called 'Crypton' and is Proof-of-Stake. uWallet enables you to store, transfer your Crypton(CRP) or even make vouchers and Visas, Utopia Network incorporates Utopia Name System (UNS) which is a decentralized vault of names that are difficult to seize, solidify or degenerate by outsider as nobody has authority over the system rather its self-represented by standards set up which are relevant to everybody. After you join Utopia you may wanna drop by our Hackology channel, which you can look in the Channel Manager.

Utopia Xtechnopedia Club

Benefits of using UTOPIA 

1) Utopia is an element rich stage that is explicitly intended to ensure the protection of correspondence, secrecy and security of individual information.
2) Utopia does not take large memory on your device.
3) Utopia is a decentralized network, with no focal server associated with information transmission or storage.
4) Utopia will rank number one in the future, and can highly be a source of your promotion.
5) Utopia is free.
6)  The cryptocurrency which is called 'Crypton' belongs to and is owned by UTOPIA
7) It is a surprise! Install Utopia and find it by yourself. Yayyyy

Installing Utopia

When you register on the Beta Portal you need to download Utopia Application. In the wake of introducing the application you will be given a Hardware ID and a Private Key, these keys are required to actuate your beta permit which should be possible from the Activation Page. If it's not too much trouble remember that your beta entrance site login certifications are not connected with Utopia Application and you can have an alternate username for the application and the site. When you enact the permit your utopia record will be tied with your beta entryway account. A bit by bit methodology for simple comprehension of the initiation strategy:

  • Register at the Utopia Beta Portal
  • Download the Utopia software on your device
  • Install the Utopia software by following simple instructions on the installation wizard
  • Run Utopia and first Create your account. You will be provided with Public Key and Hardware ID. Those are needed to activate your Utopia software
  • Login to your account
  • Click on JOIN BETA
  • Agree to the Rules and click SUBMIT
  • Click on NEW ACTIVATION and Enter Public Key and Hardware ID
  • Now, Click ADD
  • Now your Utopia is activated and you are ready to taste it.

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