Anyone's thumbprint can unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 phone

A flaw that implies any fingerprint can unlock a Galaxy S10 smartphone has been recognized by Samsung. 
Samsung galaxy s10 fingerprint flaw

It promises a software patch that would fix the issue. 

The issue was spotted by a British lady whose spouse had the option to unlock her phone with his thumbprint when it was put away in a modest case. 

At the point when the S10 was launched, in March, Samsung depicted the fingerprint authentication system as "revolutionary".


The British couple who found the security issue told the Sun newspaper it was a "real concern". 

In the wake of purchasing a £2.70 gel screen protector on eBay, Lisa Neilson enlisted her correct thumbprint and after that discovered her left thumbprint, which was not registered, could likewise unlock the phone. 

She at that point requested that her significant other attempt and the two his thumbs additionally unlocked it. 

What's more, when the screen protector was added to another relative's phone, something similar happened.

Air gap

The scanner sends ultrasounds to identify 3D edges of fingerprints to recognise users. 

Samsung stated it was "aware of the case of S10's malfunctioning fingerprint recognition and will soon issue a software patch".

South Korea's online-only KaKao Bank told consumers to turn off the fingerprint-recognition option for logging in to its services until the issue was solved.

Past reports proposed some screen protectors were inconsistent with Samsung's reader because they left a little air hole that meddled with the scanning. 

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